Your Family’s Future is Our First Priority

Conflict can be extremely stressful, especially when that conflict lies within your family. At Bunde & Roberts, P.C., we are committed to developing strong, supportive relationships with our clients.

Family law is a sensitive and complex area of law. The results can impact every aspect of your life, as well as the people you love.

Family law can be very sensitive and personal in nature. You need more than legal advice: You need to feel supported and you need to know that your attorney is protecting your rights as you prepare for a different future.

At Bunde & Roberts, P.C., we are dedicated to helping people protect what they value most. From matters of adoption, support, custody and divisions of assets, we clearly explain your rights, preserve your interests and help you move forward to a more positive future.

Why Hire Bunde & Roberts, P.C.?

Personalities play a big part in family law cases, the personalities of the attorneys included. Our passionate team knows the best way to approach individual issues and cases as a whole. And we are committed to open communication, personalized attention and straightforward advice.

A Promise to Our Clients.

We believe in building relationships with our clients. Our team believes in focusing on mutual respect and creating emotional connections with our clients. We care about our clients and put their needs first.

A Commitment to Integrity.

We follow through on our commitments. When we make promises, we stick to them. We will work tirelessly to work through the complexities of your case and make sure you understand your options.

A Focus on Results.

Whether in the courtroom or at the negotiation table, we emphasize results. Our team is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to protect your best interests during this challenging time.

A Dedicated Team of Seasoned Courtroom Professionals

Our Senior Attorneys have decades of practice experience. Whether your case goes to trial or you need a one-on-one negotiator who is willing to stand tall, our experience can make all the difference. We have handled some of the largest and most complex cases in Pennsylvania history, and we embrace new challenges with an open mind, ready to navigate its complexities.

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