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Butler Adoption Lawyer

The decision to adopt a child is one of the most important decisions of your life. Yet, that decision to adopt may end up being easier to make than the months of paperwork, legal documents, meetings, and other requirements you will end up having to go through by the time you finally do get to adopt a child. That is because the adoption process is difficult and confusing, whether you are transferring guardianship, adopting a child locally, or adopting from another country. The experienced Butler adoption lawyers at Bunde & Roberts have assisted countless families with adoptions, and can help you work through any difficulties that get in the way of you and your future child.

Adoption Statistics

Under Title 23 of Domestic Relations, all people who meet the following requirements are eligible to adopt in the state of Pennsylvania: 21 years old or older, no child-related criminal charges, and have the means to support a child. There are around 135,000 adoptions in the United State each year. Of non-stepparent adoptions, according to PBS, 59 percent of children are adopted out of foster care, 26 percent are adopted from other countries, and 15 percent are voluntarily relinquished American babies. The cost, wait time, and complexities associated with the adoption process vary based on how you end up adopting a child, and whether or not you choose to work with an adoption lawyer. However, there are certain steps you must take regardless of the adoption route you end up going.

The Seven Major Steps of Adopting a Child in Pennsylvania

  1. Selected a qualified and accredited adoption agency.
  2. Complete the adoption application and start the screening process. The adoption agency may require you to begin attending orientation at this stage.
  3. Complete a family profile with the adoption agency. A family profile enables the agency to learn about your family, and your family learn about the children who are up for adoption.
  4. The matching process begins, and you are able to start visiting with children who are identified as potential good fits.
  5. Pre-adoptive placement: if the child is a good fit for you, and you are a good fit for the child, the child moves into your home during a pre-adoptive placement period.
  6. During this six month period, adoption workers make regular visits to check in on the welfare of the child, and to offer support to you and the child.
  7. After this six month period ends, the child becomes officially adopted.

Contact a Butler Adoption Attorney Today for Assistance

There are seemingly endless legal requirements, documents to sign, paperwork to complete, and people and meetings to attend during each step of the adoption process. Because of the important nature and complications that go along with adoption, it is wise to employ the expertise of an adoption lawyer. Equally important, should an unforeseen complication or problem arise, an attorney is there to help at a moment’s notice. Here at Bunde & Roberts, our experienced family law attorneys will be with you at every step of the adoption process. Contact or call us today at 412-391-4330 to schedule a consultation.

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