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Pittsburgh Post-Divorce Modifications Lawyer

In an ideal world, a final divorce decree would be the last word on the matter. You and your spouse could go your separate ways, having fully resolved all financial and familial issues between you. Unfortunately, the real world is not so simple. Alimony, child support, and child custody issues may keep ex-spouses tied together for some time after the divorce. When big life changes happen, the status quo may no longer be affordable, fair, or appropriate. Certain issues that were resolved in the divorce may be subject to modification. Whether the issue can be modified will depend on whether the resolution was through a court decision and order or pursuant to an agreement such as a marriage settlement agreement.

Not all provisions of court orders or marriage settlement agreements are modifiable. Custody orders and orders for child support are usually always modifiable. In custody matters, a party who believes modification of the existing custody order is in the best interests of the child or children may seek modification. In child support matters, a party must allege and prove that a substantial change of circumstances of a continuing nature has occurred in order to modify child support.

Generally speaking, property distributed through equitable distribution by the court or settlement will not be modifiable. However, if a party discovers that fraud has occurred concerning assets not being disclosed or hidden, the court will grant relief and address the fraud.

The modification of alimony will depend on the provision of the court order awarding alimony or the provisions in an agreement setting forth alimony. If the provisions of the order or the agreement do not provide for modification, then modification is not allowed.

Help With Modifications to a Pennsylvania Divorce Order

If you are seeking to modify a custody order, child support order, or to determine with you can modify an alimony award, the Pittsburgh divorce modification lawyers at Bunde & Roberts, P.C., are here to help. Call our Pittsburgh office at 412-391-4330 for a consultation.

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