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Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyer
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Timely, Knowledgeable, Supportive

"I am grateful to have Chrystal Tinstman as my lawyer. One of the main working points of a lawyer -client relationship is a sense that someone is there not only to listen to you and to counsel you, but also be in communication with you so you don't have to guess when you'll hear from your lawyer again. Chrystal was timely, knowledgeable, supportive, and honest in her representation of me to my ex-husband and the courts. I also appreciated her being a calm and reasonable force in a time of turmoil in my life. I highly recommend her, her paralegals, and the firm."

Leah T.
Chrystal has been amazing!

"My divorce is one the worst experiences I have gone through in my life, but Chrystal has been amazing! She has not only been there strong for me as my legal counsel but has been there for me emotionally too. She has listened to me cry many times and listened with an empathetic ear. I appreciate everything she has done for me. Also, her assistant Stevie is wonderful as well!"

Annie T.
Reid has Helped Me over the Years.

"Reid Roberts was knowledgeable, extremely strategic and fast. Reid has helped me over the years with a number of matters and I've always felt safe in his hands and the team has always diligently and professionally resolved my matters. In each case I couldn't have been happier with the services I received from Reid and the Bunde & Roberts team!"

The best in the field.

"I would highly recommend Robb and his team, especially Sue, as the best in their field for anyone going through a divorce. I never expected to be in that position after 47 years of marriage but Robb patiently explained the complicated processes to me and then followed through to safeguard my financial future, They were caring and compassionate, helping me to survive the hardest situation I have ever been through."

Vickie K.
He puts the best interests of my children first

"I recommend Kevin for any family court needs. Kevin treats my children and me with care and respect. He is attentive to all questions and concerns, is patient, thorough and timely in response, and compassionate. Most importantly, he puts the best interests of my children first. Kevin has provided invaluable support and guidance during very difficult times."

He fought for me and I got more than I thought was possible

"Kevin Brett changed the course of my life. He listened, he was thorough, put me at ease, and had a clear plan. He was personable. He fought for me and I got more than I thought was possible. I thank him and my family thanks him. I highly recommend him for your needs. I will be taking advantage of his services in the future for whatever may occur."

He defended our counter offer vigorously and didn't waver

"I was involved in a partition action after being sued in court. I was offered zero dollars to leave my house and pressured to leave by opposing counsel. Fortunately for me, I found Kevin Brett. Not only did he put an end to the pressures being forced upon me by the other side, he walked me step by step on the process to come. I not only settled the case for more than the zero dollars originally offered, I settled for more than I told him l'd be happy with. He defended our counter offer vigorously and didn't waver. I couldn't be happier with the counsel I received from Kevin Brett at Bunde and Roberts and would recommend him to anyone and everyone going through any type of partition divide. "

I would 100% recommend Kevin and his legal expertise!

"I would highly recommend Kevin when it comes to family law. Throughout the entire process with my custody issues, he has remained patient, highly approachable, and answers any and every question with great detail and in a manner that anyone can understand. Kevin takes every concern seriously, and leaves you with a feeling of confidence in high anxiety-inducing situations, which is necessary in family matters. I would 100% recommend Kevin and his legal expertise!"

I highly recommend Kevin and his firm

"Kevin is an awesome lawyer and a great guy, he has been there every step of the way. He has walked me through anything I didn't understand and was ready for what ever was thrown at him!! I highly recommend Kevin and his firm. Will be using him though our next steps in child custody/support. Thanks again Kevin, you are awesome!"

He handled my case brilliantly

"Even though going through a divorce is the most difficult time, Kevin Brett made the experience a little more palatable by being tenacious, bright & on the ball. I was so pleased he handled my case brilliantly & made me feel at ease through the entire process. I highly recommend him & the Bunde & Robert's team."

He understands the tough situation that his client might be in

"Kevin is a fantastic lawyer who genuinely cares about his clients' wellbeing. He understands the tough situation that his client might be in and uses his strong understanding of law to give them the best advice for their unique situation. While remaining calm and collected, he will assert himself when the time comes to ensure that this client gets the best representation and outcome they deserve. Although my personal situation was tough, Kevin streamlined me through the whole process while constantly being in contact with every update to my case. He made sure to say what situation was or was not worth my time and money and give a detailed, thoughtful description as to why. It is a pleasure working with him and I would recommend Kevin to anyone seeking out an attorney in his field."

It was a pleasure working with Reid, Shannon, and the team.

"Reid, Shannon and the rest of the team are hands down the best in town. I had a highly contentious divorce that involved multiple business valuations. A prior attorney had worked on my case for a year without advancing the case at all. Once it got handed over to Reid and his team, things progressed in a highly professional and expedited manner, and things got done. I am so happy with the outcome, and it is very clear to me that it could not have been achieved without a top tier legal team. They had the ability to quickly grasp the complicated details related to my business operations, work with and direct forensic accountants to produce meaningful valuations, and then stand behind the valuation in the court system so that the divorce could be completed. It was a pleasure working with Reid, Shannon, and the team."

Greg C.
Robb and his staff did a great job.

"My divorce involved complex business issues. I was very well represented and, as a result, I have my business intact. I highly recommend Robb and his team."

Robert S.
Reid & his team were caring & diligent

"Reid & his team were caring & diligent in dealing with my divorce. They made very good recommendations along the way both personally and financially. I highly recommend Reid & his staff to anyone having to deal with such matters."

Ted T.
I would highly recommend Reid and his team.

"Reid handled my divorce with professionalism and compassion during a vulnerable time. I was well informed at each juncture and was advised honestly and with fairness. Reid and his staff turned an otherwise challenging situation into a smooth and seamless process. I would highly recommend Reid and his team."

Susan T.
Robb helped me through a very complicated process.

"Robb and his team were extremely knowledgeable of the laws and requirements and were able to give expert and accurate guidance throughout the process. The entire staff were pleasant and understanding of the difficulties and challenges individuals face, and were supportive of my circumstances and opinions. They helped secure timely, amicable solutions in what was a very complicated process."

I highly recommend him. Thank you Reid!

"Reid has been fantastic to deal with throughout my divorce. He made it as painless as possible and also did what he could to keep costs in check. I think he is excellent, both as a person and as a lawyer. I highly recommend him. Thank you Reid!"

Shana M.
Would absolutely 100% recommend.

"Amazing! Was with me from my separation in 2002 till the end of my divorce. Was super supportive and as a lawyer- AMAZING! Was not trying to nickel and dime me. Tried to save money and cut costs on everything. Helped with property, child support, child custody and finances. Would absolutely 100% recommend."

Danielle F.
Robb and his team were extremely helpful.

"My primary goals in my divorce were to make sure my children were taken care of and to be able to move forward financially. Robb guided me through both the custody and property issues with experience and knowledge. As a result, both of my goals were accomplished. I highly recommend Robb and his team."

Reid and his staff have helped me out tremendously.

"They got me through my roughest legal challenges and helped me keep my sanity in the process. I cant recommend them strongly enough. You guys are the best out there!"

David Y.
Reid , in my experience, is the best family law attorney.

"His vast experience and honest approach left me satisfied and grateful for his representation."

Joni G.
I will always be grateful to Robb for helping me

"I wanted an attorney that knew the law, would aggressively represent me and would fight to protect my interests. Those words describe Robb Bunde and thank goodness he was on my side. He helped me through a long and difficult divorce. I was very pleased with the outcome thanks to Robb’s expertise. I knew nothing about getting a divorce, but Robb (and Sue) walked me through everything while reassuring me it would work out in the end. One thing that I really appreciated was whenever I had a question or concern, Robb (or Sue) always got right back to me. I will always be grateful to Robb for helping me get through one of the most difficult times in my life."

Michelle S.
The atmosphere is comfortable and friendly.

"I was treated with respect as were the others involved in my case. No question was too small or insignificant. Highly recommend."

Jennifer O.
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