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Greensburg Grandparent Custody Rights Lawyer

When Pennsylvania courts issue child custody orders, the judge will weigh different factors in their decision. They are always based on one crucial criterion—what is best for the child? In Pennsylvania, courts usually operate under the belief that a child is always better with both their parents wherever possible. That also extends to decision-making as the courts agree both parents should be involved in the most important decisions of your child’s life.

However, some circumstances can lead the courts to override what their usual decision would be. In these limited situations, the court may be willing to award custody to a child’s grandparents. The skilled and compassionate Greensburg grandparent custody rights lawyers at Bunde & Roberts, P.C., have years of experience helping grandparents seek custody and visitation of their grandchildren. We understand that not all situations or families are the same. What may work best for some families won’t work in others. Not everyone is best served by the usual child custody arrangement.

If you need assistance with getting custody or visitation of your grandchildren, let us help. We work with clients to help them understand the unique circumstances of their family situation. We will fight to ensure that their rights and the well-being of their children are protected. When the situation warrants it, we can fight for grandparents’ rights too.

When Can a Grandparent Seek Custody?

Under Pennsylvania law, there are explicit terms that permit a grandparent to seek custody of their grandchildren when certain circumstances apply. Ultimately, the court will decide custody based on the best interests of the minor children. That could be custody with one of the parents or with the grandparents. The court has the discretion to choose the grandparent if they deem that to be the best situation. However, grandparents must meet specific criteria to have standing before pursuing custody or visitation in Pennsylvania.

Let Us Fight for Your Rights as a Grandparent

Even if you are not seeking custody of your grandchildren, you may still want the right to be involved in their lives. Unfortunately, there are times where your own child or their spouse will seek to keep you from seeing your grandchildren. This is a common problem during a divorce and custody dispute. An angry spouse wants to hurt their soon-to-be-ex by threatening to cut off the in-laws’ access to their grandchildren. At the end of the day, this petty only hurts the children in the long run.

If your son or daughter and spouse are engaged in a custody and visitation battle, and you fear that someone might cut off your relationship with your grandchildren, you could be eligible to petition for visitation rights. We recognize how much you love your family, and you’re only looking out for what’s best for them. That’s why you want to retain a compassionate family law attorney who will ensure your interests are protected.

Contact Our Greensburg Grandparent Custody Rights Lawyer

To learn more about grandparents’ rights regarding child custody and visitation, contact the skilled Greensburg grandparent custody rights lawyers at Bunde & Roberts, P.C., today to schedule an initial consultation.

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