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Greensburg Paternity Lawyer

If you are a father in Greensburg who wants to establish a legal relationship with your child, or you are a mother who needs to establish the paternity of your children to file a child support action, you need a skilled Greensburg paternity lawyer assisting you through the process. The compassionate and dedicated lawyers at Bunde & Roberts, P.C., are here to help you.

A paternity action carries numerous legal obligations and rights that are paramount to a child’s healthy upbringing. You want a Greensburg paternity lawyer who is experienced with these types of cases so you can proceed with subsequent proceedings for child custody or child support.

Establishing Paternity Voluntarily

There are several ways you can establish paternity in Pennsylvania. Your options will vary depending on the nature of the parental relationship and whether both parents consent. When a woman gives birth while married, then it is presumed that her spouse will be the father.

In the event your child is born out of wedlock, and someone acts as though he is the father and holds the child out as his own, then this individual could be prohibited from denying later on that they are the father. This situation is what is known as paternity by estoppel.

Someone’s actions related to a child after they are born are substantial and could lay the framework for a legal determination of paternity. If this situation applies to you and you have questions about what behaviors could lead to the basis for paternity, it’s crucial to speak directly with a knowledgeable Greensburg paternity lawyer.

Establishing Paternity Through a Court Action

If the potential father is contesting paternity, then anyone with standing can seek a paternity order through the courts. Parties with standing can include the mother or the man who seeks to be named as the father. The third party with standing is a putative father. A putative father is someone who wants to confirm he is the legal father, or it is someone who wants to conclusively establish he is not the child’s father so they can avoid any legal obligations.

If paternity is contested, the court will usually enter an order that requires a potential father to take a paternity test. In most cases, it’s a DNA test. A lab will take mouth swabs from the mother, child, and the putative father. DNA tests have a high probability of being conclusive. However, if there is still a paternity dispute, then the court will hold a trial. Paternity issues may even be resolved in a jury trial in some cases.

Get Help with Your Greensburg Paternity Issue

It doesn’t matter whether you are the mother or the putative father; you need a legal advocate on your side. Having an attorney represent you is especially vital when paternity is contested. The knowledgeable and skilled team at Bunde & Roberts, P.C., is here to help no matter what your paternity issues are. We have over 100 years of combined experience, including all aspects of Pennsylvania paternity matters. If you need assistance with a Greenburg paternity matter, contact Bunde & Roberts, P.C., today at 412-391-4330 to schedule an initial consultation.

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