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Greensburg Professional Athlete Divorce Lawyer

Any divorce can be complicated; however, when that divorce involves a professional athlete or other high-profile clients, it’s now become extremely sensitive. These divorce matters usually involve a level of public scrutiny that most other divorces don’t have. There are high-value assets and concerns about how what happens in the divorce will affect their professional career. If you are a professional athlete or other high-profile individual in Pennsylvania, you need skilled representation if you are considering filing for divorce. You need a family law attorney who’s a strong divorce lawyer but also has the experience of handling the public interest in these cases.

At Bunde & Roberts, P.C., our Greensburg professional athlete divorce lawyers have years of experience representing high-net-worth and celebrity clients. We are ready to help protect your rights and take extra steps to protect your privacy and the privacy of your family. If you are a star athlete’s spouse, we can also represent you, fight for your rights, and protect your privacy. Whether you or your spouse are a member of the NBA, MLB, NFL, NASCAR, PGA, or other professional sports league, our seasoned Greensburg family law attorneys are up to the challenge.

Unique Issues Professional Athletes Face in a Divorce

In many cases, a divorce involving a professional athlete differs from other high-net-worth divorces. Some athletes don’t come from wealthy backgrounds, and suddenly, they come into all this money when they are very young, as young as 18 in some cases. They often marry at a young age, and many have married their high-school sweethearts. They may not fully understand the problems that suddenly coming into large amounts of money can create. Some athletes may not marry, but they have one or more children. Determining child custody and support can be challenging, which is why it’s crucial to have an attorney you trust representing you.

When you’re facing divorce and/or custody issues, you need someone who understands your situation’s reality and how best to protect your assets if they are threatened. It’s hard for many younger athletes to wrap their heads around a divorce settlement that involves millions of dollars.

Your attorney can also help with other issues, such as figuring out ways to protect an athlete’s wealth when they are no longer able to play sports. Athletes will lose their career as they age, something that CEOs and other types of high-net-worth clients may not experience. Athletes need to plan ahead, consider a prenuptial agreement, and look for ways to protect their assets before facing a divorce. That can make the difference between having a comfortable lifestyle once they retire versus facing bankruptcy. If you are a young athlete just starting, let our Greensburg family law attorneys help you protect your finances, professional interests, and your family, regardless of what happens next.

Dealing with Public Scrutiny

One of the most challenging aspects of a high-profile divorce is the public scrutiny that goes along with it. Athletes are always in the public eye, and the media will swarm if there’s word of a pending divorce. We understand how damaging that can be for your reputation and professional career. We handle all divorce matters with the utmost discretion. We aren’t here to thrust you and your family further into the public eye. We also work with managers and agents to ensure all private details are not leaked to the media.

Contact a Greensburg Professional Athlete Divorce Lawyer Today

If you or your spouse are a professional athlete or are in the public eye, let us help resolve all your Pennsylvania family law needs. Contact Bunde & Roberts, P.C., today to schedule an initial consultation.

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