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How Social Media Impacts Divorce Cases, And What Not To Do


Social media is  often used to uncover lies during divorce cases. Emails, text, direct messages, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, online dating apps, and other forms of social media can be used for a variety of purposes in your divorce case. An online dating profile can show evidence of infidelity. An email from a boss about a raise or promotion—or a spouse’s request to delay the promotion until after the divorce—can reveal credibility issues if the information was withheld previously. A Facebook picture can reveal—or at least allege—that instead of being a responsible parent, a spouse was drunk while supervising their toddler. Social media is being used more and more often in determining division of marital assets, child custody, = child support, and alimony. In fact, according to the National Law Review:

  • 81 percent of divorce attorneys discover social media evidence that is worth presenting in court;
  • 66 percent of divorce cases use Facebook as one of the primary sources of evidence; and
  • One out of three legal actions in divorces cases is caused by social media.

What Not To Do On Social Media During a Divorce

Social media plays a large role in our everyday lives. In fact, the average user spends nearly two and a half hours per day on social media, according to Medium. Social media can play a large role in your divorce too, if you are not careful. Below are a few examples of what NOT to do, as certain actions that seem like evidence gathering may, in fact, be illegal or could hurt your position in a custody case.

  • Do not write poorly about or defame your spouse on Facebook;
  • Do not post about your divorce before it is widely known among your family members, friends, and particularly children;
  • Do not install spyware on your spouse’s device or log into their social media or email accounts without their permission to dig up dirt or keep track of their whereabouts;
  • While creating a false, and better, version of one’s reality is what social media is often used for, do not do this during your divorce. Bragging about a new job or vacation can be used against you to show that you are financially better off than you actually are;
  • Do not post pictures with your new significant partner or with your new partner and your children; and
  • Do not post pictures or other media that depicts your drinking, consuming illegal narcotics, or anything else that could be used to argue that you are an unfit parent.

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